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Ruby Report

A Day in the Life...

Imagine if you had to apply for the job of Mother? Everyone would be underqualified. The job requirements are so vast and diverse that no one could poss
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A Mother's Love

There is a special bond that connects a mother to her child (and vice versa). It’s not a measurable thing, it’s just a thing. From the moment you enter
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The unexpected

There is a popular expression that says “expect the unexpected” and for us here in Whistler, we have had some very unexpected weather. In the valley, we
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I had a friend visit from the UK last week and remembered that the last time I saw her was a few weeks before the Covid shut down. Her wedding was to be
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Supply chain issues have become something of a norm these days, whether it be subject to Covid or now a war, we are all now just waiting. Anything from
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