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Ruby Report

Fall weather

September is one of those months where, as far as weather is concerned, anything goes. Currently in Whistler, the weather is spectacular! Sunny skies and warm temperatures and as far as the forecast has forecasted, we are in for at le
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How much?

Last week my partner and I went out for burgers. There is a certain pub in town that serves the best burger and has the best patio – the people watching
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Hazy Dayz

Well, here we are again. Just when we thought we might escape the smoke this year – bang, here it is! I was going to write about how great hiking in the
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Hello? Is anybody out there?

These days you have to watch where you are walking through the Village for fear of tripping over all the Help wanted signs. Whistler has long been a tow
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September's here!

Even though not everyone is involved in “back to school”, it actually does affect us all. With the arrival of September, the summer holidays are officia
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