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Ruby Report

A Holiday frame of mind

The holiday season has many moving parts, and although much may go right, there may be some things that don’t. Much like the weather, there are many thi
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Are you ready for the winter season?

As we head into the throws of winter there are all kinds of adjustments necessary to help us find our groove for the next few months. For example, in No
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Stoked for winter!

Today is opening day at Whistler/Blackcomb! It’s like the season now has a purpose – a reason to celebrate the cold and wet. This weekend, however, prom
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Re-energize with your breath

Recently I was given a book on meditation and although I am not a complete stranger to meditation, having had a yoga practice as part of my life for man
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War, what is it good for?

I am at loss today for what to write about Remembrance Day. With two tragic wars currently being fought, I ask the question “have we not learned?” Wars
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