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Your wish is granted!

The Village 8 movie theatre in Whistler permanently closed this past week so my niece and I went for a final showing. Our choice was Puss ‘n Boots. As expected, it was cute and funny but what (for me) was not expected was the insightful message. The movie is about 4 competitive individuals that go on an adventure to get to a certain place where one person will be granted a wish – anything they want. Without giving too much away, the message (for me at least) was to examine what it is you wish for in life and see if perhaps you already have it; or perhaps you already have the building blocks for that wish in place. So instead of always wishing for something you want, want what you already have and build upon that. I think we are as a society bombarded with the negative to the point that it’s all we see. It’s like skiing through trees, if you stare at them, you will hit them but if instead, you look at the path between the trees, that is where you will go.

Of course, making wishes is fun and I am by no means suggesting you stop making them. In store, we have the Three wishes bracelets in oodles of colours, where there are 3 silver beads on a colourful thread. You make 3 wishes when you put the bracelet on and when the bracelet breaks, your wishes come true. Also on the theme of the positive is the Rainbow Talisman by Pyrrha; this talisman reminds us that if we stay positive we can weather any storm. If your wish is for dry, warm feet then look no further than the NexGrip winter boots. These boots will keep you safe (with the built-in cleat for ice traction) dry and warm! Lastly, we have the Vera small wallet by Matt & Nat to hold all that money you are secretly wishing for.

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