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Your childhood teddy bear...

I don’t know about you but I still have two stuffed animals from when I was a kid. One is a bear (missing one ear, both eyes, and most of its stuffing) the other is a lion (you would never recognize it as such) which is missing both ears, one eye, and has no stuffing. Why do I still have these? The main reason is that I don’t know how to dispose of them – I can’t throw them in the garbage… that would be like throwing my childhood in the garbage and I for one had a great childhood. I’ve thought about having a ceremonial burning (or cremation) but that also seems a bit wrong – so I still have them. When I look at them, I have a distinct feeling of calm tinged with a bit of sadness; calm because it reminds me of a much simpler time when I had zero responsibilities and my parents were in charge – we were safe from harm and there was always dessert. The sadness comes from a sense of mourning, mourning the passing of time, not just for myself but for my siblings, my parents, and the life we had. So I can’t get myself to do it – so I probably won’t.

So back in 2024! Highlights for this week… planning for summer which may have finally arrived with these warm temperatures and sunshine! All Birds sneakers are now on sale!! Woop woop! 25% off so come and get them while supplies last. Next, a summer staple – hoops! We have hoops of all sizes, dimensions, and all metals (silver, gold, rose gold, and black) your ear lobes are waiting… And for your travels this summer I recommend our adorable jewellery boxes – available in velvet and smooth faux leather in a rainbow of colours. Speaking of rainbows, the Pyrrha Rainbow Talisman is my last highlight. After all the rain we have had a rainbow is waiting. This talisman reminds us that sunshine follows the rain – literally and figuratively.

With the longer days we're now open daily from 10 am - 8 pm in the Whistler villageso we hope to see you in for a visit!

Of course, if you can't make it here in person you can still shop all of our new arrivals, jewellery, handbags, shoes, gifts, sales, & more by visiting our website.