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With just a week left in May, the summer looms ahead! What will you do this summer? Some may retreat to their backyard for a stay-cation, others will hit the skies and go far far away. With budgets feeling tight, staying close to home could be the best choice – but you be the judge of that. What is it about travel that appeals to us? My guess is, it is simply the craving for something different – on a base level to experience a change in scenery but more complexly perhaps, to experience a different culture and/or a different way of life. Within our societal constructs, we are all exposed to things that are relatively the same – which can be a great comfort to some and a bit dull for others. Travel is a great way of breaking away from your regular day-to-day and let’s be honest, it’s a great way of leaving your job and other responsibilities far behind.

On the theme of travel, this week’s highlights are all about the essential items for travel. First and foremost, you need good shoes! The Chacal leather sneakers are the bomb! Incredibly well made, so very comfortable and they come in 4 stylish colours – Blanco (white), Celest (light blue), Perla (beige) and Azul (dark blue). Next, we have the Thebe backpack which has a luggage sleeve built in so you can slide it over your rollie back handle – a great addition to the Matt & Nat Collection! As for jewellery, the best earrings for travel are hoops – they are comfortable to wear and even to sleep in (depending on the size). We carry them in sterling silver, 10k solid gold, 14k gold filled as well as stainless steel for those who are allergic to the aforementioned. Lastly, we have the Guardian Angel necklace by Leah Alexandra – when you go travelling, take your guardian angel with you.

We also have some great deals right now in our Sale Section!

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