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I ran into a friend the other day and we both laughed at our chosen outfits – everything was pull-on, pull-over, and pull-up. She said that since Covid, she could not be bothered with buttons and zippers anymore. During Covid, I adapted a uniform of sorts – yoga pants, t-shirt, and sneakers. Every day I wore this outfit, yes I changed up the t-shirt and I have many pairs of yoga pants so the combination altered but the look did not. At some point, about a year and a half into the pandemic, my partner asked if perhaps I could put on something other than the uniform… what? You mean put on something not stretchy and lounge-worthy? Here I am years later, and I still have an aversion to regular clothes and when I look around, I am not the only one. It seems that all major clothing brands have come up with upscale loungewear that are worn as everyday clothes. I even did a Google search and found a number of sites that explain how to fashionably wear sweatpants (an oxymoron in another era). What has the fashion world come to? It’s a long way from the days of corsets that’s for sure. I sincerely wonder where we are headed, but for the time being I’m not going to fight it.

For comfort this summer might I suggest the Bria Sandal? A great slip-on sandal with an adjustable strap across the instep for a perfect fit. Slide on, side off – oh so easy! For jewellery this week, I have chosen some items that will jazz up your cozy loungewear look. First, we have the Love tokens by Vancouver Designer Leah Alexandra – they come in square and round and are available with a variety of chain lengths. Next, we have the Eris and Eclipse earrings by Toronto Design team Pursuits – silver with Aqua glass accents – simple and stylish. Lastly, we have the True Colours collection by Pyrrha – the Mediterranean blue background on these talismans epitomizes summer!

If you're searching for some extra summer savings, shop our Sale Section for great deals on footwear, jewellery, and more!

With the longer daylight hours, we are also extending our Whistler village store hours starting Friday, June 28th when we'll be open every day from 10 am - 8 pm