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Align with your truth

Influence is neither bad nor good – it can be both. We are currently in a world where influence is available to us at every turn – sometimes organically and quite often by design. It is impossible to go through a day without some form of influence being thrown at us – this can be through publications, videos, friends, family, and of course social media; It’s like the casting of a subtle spell. As a result, we may be unaware of the influences that have shaped our past and brought us to the present; again, that can be a positive as much as a negative. We all have the power to be in charge of our own lives and live a life aligned with our truth – so let’s filter out the noise and concentrate our energies on what is beneficial, not superficial.

Throughout the year one of our big influences is the seasons. As we move from season to season, the weather dictates much of what we do and what we wear. As we approach the end of winter, winter boots are going to be put away. This goes for Ruby Tuesday as well, so if you want some great Nex Grip winter boots at 20% and 50% off, this is the last week before they are gone. To replace winter boots, we have some great new sneakers for spring – at the top of the list are the Taos silver Plim soul sneakers. Silver is an absolute neutral, so jazz up your every day with a splash of style. Also on the topic of the spring season are our long sweaters – perfect for outdoor spring temperatures. Lastly, I think it goes without saying that one of the most watched people these days is Taylor Swift, and no doubt she has much influence on her followers (if not the world). We just recently brought in the Pyrrha “While I Breathe, I hope” talisman which turns out to be one of Taylor’s go-to Jewellery items – who knew?

We have added a discount of 50% off to much of our sale footwear – click here to browse our footwear sale.

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