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Serenity now

Everybody has stress in their lives – it is part of the human journey. I can say with certainty that everything I have accomplished has come with its share of stress. I have also experienced a fair amount of stress that has been a result of some very poor decision-making – such is life. Not all stress is negative, it is a remarkable tool for kicking yourself into action and getting things done; It is telling you that something needs your attention. What causes you stress is unique to you and so is how you manage it, and how you manage it is a necessity, not a luxury. Do not overeat, over drink, over smoke…in fact don’t over anything! These are not management tools; they are coping mechanisms. Managing stress is reducing the stress in your life, not creating more by filling your body with poison (and feeling like crap). Acknowledge the cause of your stress and avoid it if possible (this may mean certain people and/or conversations) and learn to set boundaries. Adding the word “No” to your vocabulary is liberating.

No matter how you slice it, life comes with stress – some you can control and some you can’t. At the end of the day, watch a puppy video – it won’t make the stress go away but it will put a smile on your face.

Other things to put a smile on your face are this week’s highlights! Pyrrha has outdone themselves this fall with a whole new collection called True Colours. We have a few pieces already in stock, including the Peacock Talisman – simply beautiful! Also new, are the new colours for the Sam crossbody bag by Matt & Nat – a great small bag for every day. The Brexton boot by Miz Mooz is a fall show stopper – a Chelsea boot on a raised chunky sole. And lastly, with the fall weather here and more rain in the forecast, we have a whole new batch of umbrellas – lots of beautiful, bright patterns and colours to brighten up a grey day.