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News Fatigue

I read recently that engagement with news is in decline, and listening to the news I understand why. There is political discord and waging wars around the world, there are natural disasters caused by climate change, and at home, polarizing politics are heating up in both Canada and the USA. I get it! It seems like the world is burning and wherever we turn there is more fire and destruction. Sitting at home, we can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless amid this chaos. Coping with this can be challenging but perhaps some of these suggestions will help. Can you donate to a cause where you feel you are part of the solution? You can donate time, money, or resources whatever suits your monetary and time budgets. Second, check the facts. We all know the Media focuses on the dramatic so make sure you are getting the correct facts from a reputable source. Social media has proven to be an unreliable source for factual news so don’t believe all you read there. If you are disproportionally affected by an event or situation in the news, check in with yourself; your compassion must include yourself. Stepping away from the news and disconnecting is sometimes necessary and that may mean unsubscribing from some news sources or just not engaging. Most importantly, find joy at home, with your family, with your friends, and in nature – you are neither the cause nor the solution to all the world's problems.

For this week's highlights, I thought I would mention some things that bring me joy in the hopes that they might bring you some joy too. A few years ago I switched from a handbag to a backpack – and I’ll never go back. So pretty much any backpack brings me joy. For summer, I love the Fabi mini backpack that is big enough to carry your essentials and small enough to not be bulky. Next, I have the Taos Plim soul sneaker in Silver! Yes, bring a bit of bling into your summer fashion. Treat them as a neutral and you will see they go with everything. Of course, I LOVE hoops and this week I have chosen the Era hoop by Vancouver designer Leah Alexandra; another hit of bling in a tastefully sized hoop will take you to all your summer socials. Lastly, I have the Ariam hoop by Sarah Mulder (also a Vancouver designer). So easy to wear and oh so stylish.

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