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Scrolling through YouTube the other day I came across a talk that the Dali Lama gave where an audience member asked him about a possible solution to the amount of anxiety in our society. The Dali Lama did not hesitate and stated that Altruism is the answer – giving to others without expecting anything in return. It’s always a good idea to check in and think about our place in the world (in our community, our family, etc); we are not the centre of it all, we are merely players. When we get in our heads and think that everything revolves around us, or that everything is against us, or that life is too hard, we are not taking in the big picture. It’s not simply that others have it harder (and you shouldn’t feel so bad) it’s that we don’t feel fulfilled and without feeling fulfilled we are floating around with no ground to stand on – hence the anxiety. We all have the power to decide how we react to life and although this is a very simplistic statement, decide to be “okay”. Although it would be nice to get thanked for all we do, that is just not reality. What we do in this life is a contribution, not a gift. When we contribute to others and society around us, we are in fact contributing to ourselves, filling up our pot of resilience and calming our anxiety.

For my highlights this week I am focusing on the concept of our needs as we navigate this world – love, strength, grounding, and safety. The Your Love earrings are a tasteful talisman of your love for the world and all it holds. The Karyn Chopik Strength, Courage, Love pendant is self-explanatory and the Pyrrha Grounding talisman reminds us to remain centered, calm and balanced. Lastly, we have the Sophia winter boot by NexGrip which will help keep you safe while navigating our slippery streets this winter.

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