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Embrace the rain

In years past we would be bemoaning the rain and wishing for sunny days. We may still secretly be wishing for this but at the forefront of our minds is that if it’s raining, it isn’t burning. So is it time we rebrand rain? Make it something we look forward to? Is this even possible? When it rains, the air is fresh, gardens flourish and the forests glow; rivers flow freely, it’s not hot, there’s no dust and the air is clear of pollen – and when it’s done, there’s a rainbow! I love the sound of rain on the roof and the fact I don’t need to wash my car, and best of all there is zero risk of a forest fire! Yes, I still crave a warm sunny day but a few bouts of rain are A-OK.

On the theme of rain, I have chosen the All Birds wool tree runner sneaker – a natural aspect of wool is that it wicks away the wet so your feet stay warm and dry. Next, we have our new jean jackets - since the days are not exactly warm you will want a stylish jacket to keep out the chill – pair this with one of our umbrellas and you are all set for a rainy day! And as I mentioned, it all ends with a rainbow! The Rainbow Talisman by Pyrrha reminds us that if we stay positive, we can weather any storm.

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