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Celebrate B.C.'s Restart Plan with a Trip to Whistler!

Are you at the point where running errands counts as “going out”? Or dining with your pets counts as “dining with friends”? Ha! Well that has come to an end for us in BC. The announcement this week from Bonnie Henry is that we are easing into lifted restrictions, which means we are about to get our lives back.

This past 15 months has been trying to say the least. There has been so much change and so many restrictions that our lives now look much different than they did back then. I am very grateful for the guidance of our Provincial and Federal leaders to now be at a place where we can get back to our lives…safely.

So, what will your life look like going forward?
What will be your positive take aways from this past year?

To commemorate this place in our lives I have highlighted a few items from Ruby Tuesday that strike meaning for this momentous transition: The pinecone earrings by Justine Brooks: Pinecones symbolize enlightenment and longevity, the Life collection by Treeline Collective, the Direction Talisman by Pyrrha,
and I’m highlighting the Chacal sneakers because I love them!

We hope to see those from our Regional Health Authority up in Whistler in the next while, Whistler has missed you!! Our store hours are: