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A Mother's Love

There is a special bond that connects a mother to her child (and vice versa). It’s not a measurable thing, it’s just a thing. From the moment you entered this world, she was and has been your protector, your champion, and your number one fan. Mother’s day is fast approaching, this year on Sunday, May 9th, and it is the one day each year that everyone celebrates their Mom or celebrates being a Mom. Yes, let’s not forget that celebrating yourself as a Mom is part of the Mother’s Day festivities. As a Mom, you will now understand what your Mom did for you, and perhaps what you did for her – it is definitely a 2-way street (and worth celebrating).

Have a think about how you want to celebrate Motherhood this year and if you think a gift from Ruby Tuesday might be the ticket, you’ve got 2 weeks (which is enough time to ship to just about any destination in the world).

For our highlights this week, I have chosen the Rooted Tree of Life necklace by Justine Brooks as it represents the interconnectedness of all of us no matter where we are. The Watch Over Me Talisman by Pyrrha depicts an owl who represents strength, courage, and wisdom and who vigilantly watches over loved ones. And lastly, we have new leather sneakers by Chacal and oodles of hoops and earrings (which always make great gifts).

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