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A Day in the Life...

Imagine if you had to apply for the job of Mother? Everyone would be underqualified. The job requirements are so vast and diverse that no one could possibly have what it takes to actually get hired. So instead, unsuspecting new mothers are sent home with a very dependant, fragile being whose only modes of communication are pooping and crying. With no experience in the field of Motherhood, Mothers (through trial and error) try to navigate their newfound position. Although there are many “manuals” out there to provide some support and guidance, there will never be a manual for a particular model. Returns and refunds are not available. This job is not 9-5, there are no weekends and oh yes, they don’t get paid.

To me this is just about the bravest thing a person can do, so to all the Mothers out there – Congratulations and well done!

With Mother’s day in mind, I have made some specific choices for our Highlights today. The Family Above All Talisman by Pyrrha and the Wolf bracelet by Nancy Dawson both represent family, protection, and endurance. We have an endless supply of earrings for a gift for Mom including heart stud and hook versions. Lastly, our Cozy Corner Collection is filled with meaningful gifts for Mom, with candles, essential oils, and oil warmers.

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