Winter Trends 2018: Fashion Favourites

Although we’ve had snow on the ground in Whistler for a while, the official first day of Winter is tomorrow! That also means that it’s time to find out what our favourite winter trends are for jewellery this year:

1) Pretty Unique Pearls

Wear a unique set of pearls on every part of your body this winter!


All you’ll need is this long pearl necklace by Myka Designs, Taking Flight pearl bracelet by Pyrrha, Damask Ring with Pearl by Artisan Impact, and the Mother of Pearl Ring by Distribution Silver Art.

2) Chandelier Earrings

Standout on and off the dance floor this holiday season with oversized chandelier earrings!


The Novella petite pearl earring by Valentine Rouge are a perfect example of what you should wear. These elegant hypo-allergenic earrings are made of clear quartz, fresh water pearls, and 18k gold vermeil.

3) Punk Culture Piercings

There was no shortage of piercings in the latest Runway Shows and lucky for you we have a huge selection in stock!


We now carry a large variety of body jewellery including belly, labret, nose, and cartilage piercings both in store and online. Our clear and black nose retainers are the perfect solution for employees who may have to hide their piercings for work. Visit us in the Whistler village to see our complete selection.

4) Cosmic & Mythical Symbols

It won’t be hard to get on board with this winter trend – Pyrrha has plenty of cosmic & mythical symbols to choose from!


Some of our favourites include… The gorgeous Moon and Stars 14k gold talismanMoon and Stars Charm Holder Necklace, the Mermaid Talisman Necklace, the New Beginnings talisman, and the Spirit Talisman which features a gryphon – the mythical creature supposed to be half lion, half eagle.

5) Ear Jackets

You’ll need more than one jacket this winter… one for your body and at least two more for your ears!


We love this winter trend as well as all of the Ear Jackets by Foxy Originals. If we had to choose a top three however, these would be it: the AstralStar, and Titan!


Now that you’re caught up on the latest winter trends of 2018, share your favourites with us in the comments below.