Top 3 Most Iconic Whistler Jewellery Pieces

Whether you call Whistler home or you’re just here for a visit, you may want to keep a souvenir that will remind you of this magical mountain town…

We have a few local designers including Ruby Tuesday’s founder Adrienne Deeks who draw inspiration from our natural surroundings and local culture for their jewellery pieces. Here are our top three picks for iconic Whistler jewellery pieces:

1) Whistler Bear

The Whistler Bear Pendant and Earrings by Adrienne Deeks are just too cute to BEAR.


Handmade out of sterling silver in Whistler, the bear pendant and earrings make for a perfect souvenir for spring and summertime visits. The earrings and pendant also pair up creating such an adorable little gift set that would make anyone smile.

2) Summit Collection

The Summit Collection by Treeline Collective focuses on our gorgeous mountain peaks.

The Mountain Hook Earrings, Mountain Post Earrings, and Journey Ring all feature a sterling silver single mountain peak design. The hook earrings feature a sterling silver hook while the post earrings have a sterling silver post. The ring is made of sterling silver and available in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Not one ring is the same. Handmade with love. The mountain design is meant to remind you to be mindful and open to the journey and view along the way, without loosing sight of the summit. Our intention should be what we give our attention to. Don’t hesitate. Where you are is exactly where you need to be. Even if you feel lost, you are lost in the right direction.

3) Cedar Charms

Keep a piece of the Tree of Life close to you by wearing one of Justine Brooks’ Cedar Charms.


Pair the Cedar Tiny Charm Necklace with either the Cedar Ear Climbers or the Cedar Charm Earrings for a naturally inspired set that’s sure to turn heads. The sweet little charm necklace is ridiculously cute. The tiny cedar charm is hand-carved with exquisite detail. Cast from actual cedar, the ear climbers can be worn as climbers or regular studs. These cuties are sure to come a daily staple. The super cute cedar earrings are another option to match the mini cedar necklace!

Which of these iconic Whistler jewellery pieces are on your must-have list?