So Many Leaves to Love

This is the time of year when the air gets colder and the leaves start to change colours and fall…

With the leaves on our mind we couldn’t help but think of all the beautiful leaf-themed jewellery we have in store. There’s certainly no better time to feature it! Aside from the stunning Leaf Necklace that you can enter to win in our September Giveaway, we have so many other unique leaf-themed jewellery such as:

Leaf Patterned Ring

This sterling silver Leaf Patterned Ring is available in size 7, 8, or 9.

Wear it alone or as part of a stacking set. No matter how you choose to wear it, the natural leaf patterns on this ring will keep you feeling more connected to nature where ever you go.

Leaf In Circle Charm

The Leaf In Circle Charm comes in both Small and Medium sizes.

Both of these charms feature a sterling silver and smooth maple leaf pendant inside a round frame. The small charm is approximately 14mm Diameter x 0.7mm Thickness while the medium charm is 18mm D x 1mm T . Please note that this charm does not come with a chain. Pair this charm with the chain of your choice from our Chains section.

Shell Leaf and Leaf on Hook Earrings

We really love both the Shell Leaf Earrings and Leaf on Hook Earrings by Distribution Silver Art.

The Shell Leaf Earrings are Mother of pearl inlayed on Sterling silver hook earring. The leaf on hook are also Sterling silver earrings featuring the leaf vein patterns on an oval-shaped broadleaf.

Small Leaf Earrings

The Small Leaf Earrings by Black Drop Designs are always a favourite this time of year.

Inspired by nature, each piece starts with a photograph taken by the artist then transformed into wearable art. Each piece is handcrafted in Vancouver using lucite and sterling silver earring hooks. These earrings are 3/4″ high.

Leaf Pendant and Earrings

This matching set by fusion features a dark Leaf Pendant and Earrings.

We love how unique this matching Leaf Set is – perfect to wear for an evening out!

Which of these leaf designs is your favourite? Let us know in the Comments!