Set New Intentions with Pyrrha

We’re a little over one week into the New Year and working hard to stick to our resolutions!

When you have a reminder like a vision board that you look at every day, it will help you stick to your goals. Wearing these particularly inspiring Pyrrha talismans is another good way to help yourself stay on track:

1) Look Within Spinel Bracelet

The Look Within talisman bracelet is made of striking black spinel stones.
Look Within Bracelet PyrrhaIt features a star to remind you of the inner light that guides our dreams and ambitions. Once you’ve set your goals for 2018, all you have to do is look at your wrist and remember to keep on moving forwards!

2) Longevity, Happiness & Good Luck 14K Gold Talisman

Longevity, happiness and good luck – who doesn’t want more of that this year?

longevity happiness 14k gold talisman pyrrha

The three elephants on this new stunning 14k gold talisman represent longevity, happiness, and good luck. Pair it with a gold chain or, as we prefer, a silver one to make the gold talisman really stand out. You can shop all of our chains in our Whistler village store and online here.

3) Mermaid Talisman Necklace

Be more like a mermaid this 2018 and wear this necklace so you don’t forget!

Mermaid Talisman Pyrrha

The mermaid is symbolic of beauty and transformation. They are known to enchant others with their mysterious and loving spirit. This large talisman comes on an 18″ medium cable chain.

4) True Self Talisman Necklace

Wear this talisman necklace as a reminder to always be true to yourself.

True Self Talisman Pyrrha

This talisman features a winged heart which is symbolic of one’s true self and a wreath signifying growth. It comes on an 18″ sterling silver fine curb chain. All it will take is one look to help you remember to stick to always stay true to yourself, even and especially when it’s not the easy thing to do.

5) Optimism Charm Bracelet

One look at this charm bracelet and the glass will suddenly look more full!Optimism Charm Bracelet PyrrhaThe anchor is a symbol of hope and the butterfly signifies the human spirit. Pictured together they represent a life encompassing optimism. If you have trouble staying positive, wear this charm bracelet to keep your spirits up.

6) Eternal Freedom Charm Necklace

The Eternal Freedom Charm Necklace is a powerful and deeply symbolic piece.

Eternal Freedom Charm Necklace Pyrrha

The eagle with wings spread is symbolic of the freedom obtained by following your dreams. The rose signifies the passion that is ignited by doing what you were meant for. The key is symbolic of guardianship and liberation while the iolite stone fosters creativity. The double circle design represents eternity and the bronze key on each necklace signifies guardianship and liberation. Wear this necklace to keep all of your intentions on point this year!

What are your intentions for 2018 and what will you be wearing as a reminder to stick to them? Let us know in the comments!