Send that Special Someone a Meaningful Message with Pyrrha

Are you shopping for a special someone in your life and are looking for a meaningful gift? 

Whether you’re shopping for a lover, mother, daughter, sister, best friend, or anyone else who holds a special place in your heart, Pyrrha will have the perfect piece to help you let them know how you feel. Handcrafted using reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, and 14K gold with conflict-free stones, Pyrrha jewelry reflects the processes and people that craft it, proudly bearing the maker’s hand. Featuring authentic wax impressions and imagery from the 18th and 19th centuries, each iconic talisman is designed to inspire the wearer with its symbolic meaning culled from heraldry. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

For a Lover

There’s a good selection of talismans for a lover, so it all comes down to the message you want to send.


The Flaming Heart Talisman necklace features a single heart aflame, symbolizing the burning passion of undying love. If that’s a little too fiery for your liking, the Love Birds Talisman necklace might be more appealing. Love birds are the living testimony of the most powerful emotion on earth. Featured on this talisman, they symbolize true, blissful love. If you have a slightly larger budget, you may decide on the 14k Hearts Gold on Sterling Silver Talisman which reads ‘Forever’ and has a tied ribbon above two gold hearts which is symbolic of the uniting of two souls. If a ring is more their thing then we suggest the Heart Lock Symbol ring in 14k Gold, which is symbolic of surrendering to love. These are just a few of many more options to shop from in our Whistler village store and online here!

For a Mother

The best two options that we have right now for moms are the Fidelity and Stork Talisman necklaces.


The Fidelity Talisman is cast from a French seal that reads Fidele En Absence which means Fidelity in Absence. Pictured is a turtle dove perched on the tree of life, a symbol of interconnectedness and unity. Show your mom how connected you feel to her by gifting her this gorgeous talisman necklace. The Stork Talisman is another great choice as the stork is a symbol of the maternal bond and represents devotion to one’s children. No matter which one you choose, we’re sure your mom will love it, considering it came from you.

For a Daughter

It’s not always easy to shop for a daughter, so we’ll leave you with three different options.


The Watch Over Me Talisman features a great horned owl – a warrior bird representing strength, courage, and wisdom. Depicted facing forward on this talisman, the owl vigilantly watches over loved ones. You may also choose the My Treasure Talisman, which features a dragon, a symbol of strength and protection that represents the unconditional love and guardianship of one’s children. Alternatively, celebrate their birth month and get them one of these cute new Zodiac Charms that comes on a sterling silver chain.


Shopping for someone else? See more choices from Pyrrha or come visit us in our Whistler store and let one of our lovely associates help you personally!