Our Favourite NEW Spring/Summer ’19 Arrivals by Ayala Bar

We are absolutely in love with all these sparkly new arrivals from Israeli jewellery designer Ayala Bar!

Her new Spring/Summer 2019 collection will continue to arrive over the next few weeks, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to share our favourites with you! Each handcrafted piece of jewellery is 100% design is 100% nickel free, lead free and contains no hazardous materials. Any of these stunning sets would be perfect for both a special occasion or as the star accent on an everyday outfit!

1) Soul Voyage

Take a journey into the depth of your heart with Ayala Bar’s dreamy new Soul Voyage set!

It’s hard enough to choose between the R1069H and the R1068H hook earrings, but you also have to decide if you’d rather the R1066 post earrings instead. However, the R6015 ring is an easy choice as it’s a fun way to brighten up any outfit, while the stunning R3040 necklace is an absolute must have to complete the dreamy look!

2) Clear Coast

The Clear Coast takes us back to the waters and all the delights that the seashore have to offer.

We really love the look of both the R1053 hook earrings and R1052 post earrings. The R1052P necklace is beautiful drop down pendant, while the R3030 necklace is an absolutely dazzling delight. However, the adorable R6013 ring has got to be our favourite pick from this set!

3) Zen Arcade

The fun and fashionable Zen Arcade set features some really lovely contrasting colours!

Pair these playful H1078H hook earrings or H1076 post earrings with the bright and bold H3042 necklace for a youthful look that is sure to draw in a few compliments.

4) Maui Rock

The Maui Rock collection is a darker set that sure doesn’t lack any sparkle or sophistication!

You can choose between the C1111H hook earrings and the C1110 post earrings as well as the C1109P drop pendant necklace on a chain or the C3061 necklace. There are so many different ways to wear this set, especially if you get all four pieces!

Be sure to check out the rest of Ayala Bar’s new Spring/Summer 2019 collection in our Whistler village store and online here!