Get Inspired: Crankworx Whistler 2019

Crankworx Whistler is in full swing right now featuring some of the best mountain bike athletes in the world competing in elite-level competitions all over Whistler mountain. 

The main event this weekend drawing crowds from near and far is the Red Bull Joyride on Saturday August 17th from 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM. If you’ve never seen one before then we highly recommend watching it live, or if you can’t make it then at least tune in and watch it online here. If you or someone you know is competing in Cranworx, then one of these inspirational gifts by Pyrrha might be exactly what they need to keep their nerves calm and inspire them to rise above the rest.

Fire Within

The Fire Within Talisman necklace is a perfect pick for an athlete who has faced difficult times, yet has overcome them with strength and determination.

The mythological phoenix emerges from its own ashes, reborn. It is a symbol of challenging times overcome with strength and grace. This talisman is made of sterling silver and comes on an 18″sterling silver curb chain with a Pyrrha branded quality tag. The talisman measures approximately 25mm x 21mm.


This Unbreakable Talisman necklace is another great choice for an elite mountain bike athlete.

This talisman reads ‘Flecti Non Frangi’ in Latin, meaning ‘To be Bent not Broken’. It refers to one who can endure hardship yet still remain true to themselves. The raven signifies hope and is believed to have keen vision that pierces through all darkness. This talisman comes in sterling silver on an 18″ sterling silver curb chain with a Pyrrha branded quality tag.

Follow Your Dreams

If competing in Cranworx has always been a dream of yours or your loved one, then the 14k Follow Your Dreams Talisman would make for an ideal gift.

This talisman features an eagle with wings spread, symbolic of the freedom obtained by following your dreams. The rose signifies the passion that is ignited by doing what you were meant to do. This talisman is plated in 14k gold and is smaller and more delicate than its sterling silver counterpart. This talisman also comes without a chain – there are chain options available on our website or you can choose the talisman without a chain and visit our chain section for the chain of your  choice. The talisman measures approx. 5/8″ x 1/2″ and is about 1mm thick.

Never Look Back

The Never Look Back talisman necklace is appropriate for the athlete who is always looking to the future.

The handcrafted talisman necklace reads, “Jamais Arrière” in French, which means “Never Look Back”. Pictured is a Winged Heart, symbolic of a sentient soul, liberated and flying free toward the future. This sterling silver talisman comes on an 18” sterling silver cable chain.


This extra special Tireless 14k Gold on Silver Talisman would be great for a hard-working member of the mountain bike community.

This talisman features a honey bee, representing community, diligence, and spirited effort. A 14K gold piece attached to a sterling silver base adds a subtle touch of luxury to this mixed metal layering piece.


Will you be watching any of the final Cranworx events this week? Let us know which ones in the comment below!