First Look: Pyrrha 14 Karat Collection

We tried to wait but we couldn’t help it… we’re too excited to unveil the all NEW 14 Karat Collection by Pyrrha that will be arriving December 1st!

Can you guess which colour goes best with all the white snow that’s been falling in Whistler lately? That’s right it’s GOLD! If you have a passion for fashion then these latest releases by Pyrrha in 14k gold will surely be at the top of your must-have list for Christmas.

These new designs will be available in both our Whistler village shop and online here! And now here’s your first look at the much anticipated 14 Karat Collection by Pyrrha:

1) Symbol Rings

We’ll have these 14k Gold Symbol Rings in 3 styles: Heart lock, Horseshoe, & Ouroboros.

The Heart Lock is symbolic of surrendering to love, the Horseshoe as we all know means good luck, and the Ouroboros, the serpent eating its tail, is a symbol of eternity. Each of these handcrafted 14k gold rings comes with a hand torn meaning card inside a signature Pyrrha pouch. These rings make for a stunning and symbolic gift your loved one surely won’t forget!

2) Selflessness 14k Gold Talisman

This large 14k gold talisman would make a meaningful gift to that selfless person in your life.


The talisman has the Latin words ‘Non Sibi’ written at the top meaning ‘Not for Self’. The pelican pulling out its feathers for its young is symbolic of self sacrifice for the care of others. Pair this talisman with the chain of your choice from our chain section.

3) Symbol 14k Gold Chain Bracelets

Choose from two different symbols on these 14k gold bracelet chains: Heart Lock or Bee.pyrrha-14k-karat-gold-bracelet

As we already mentioned, the Heart Lock is a symbol of surrendering to love while the Bee is symbolic of hard work. No matter which one you choose these delicate gold bracelets are sure to dazzle all your friends!

4) 14k Gold Attraction Charms

Let’s just say there’s nothing unattractive about these 14k gold charms!


These 14K gold semi precious stone attraction charms make a meaningful and colourful additions to any Pyrrha talisman or charm holder. Choose from three different briolette cut semi precious stones that are each capped with 14K yellow gold. The Transformation charm is made with black tourmaline, the Happiness has pink tourmaline, while the Courage charm features green tourmaline.

5) Hearts 14k Gold Talisman

One of the our best sellers – the Hearts talisman  – is now available in stunning 14k gold


This talisman reads ‘Forever’ with a tied ribbon above the hearts which is symbolic of the uniting of two souls. Don’t forget to shop for the perfect chain to match this gold gem from our chain section.

If you want to see the rest of the NEW Pyrrha 14 Karat Collection before it’s available on December 1st then you can visit our website here!