Escape to the Ocean with Treeline Collective

With the recent rainy and cold weather in Whistler, we can’t help but feel like escaping to the beach…

Perhaps the reason is because we’ve just added Treeline Collective‘s Wave Collection to our online store! This collection is all designed after the ocean’s beautiful, soothing waves. If you feel a deep connection with water, the ocean, waves, or beaches then you’re really going to love each of these stunning new designs:

1) Flow Necklace

The sterling silver Flow Necklace is a real beautiful piece with the wave pendant hanging on a chain.

By wearing this necklace, you’ll be able to take a reminder of the ocean and warmer days ahead with you wherever you go.

2) Flow Hook Earrings

Another gorgeous design from this new collection are the Flow Hook Earrings.

These sterling silver beauties will remind you to just go with the flow. Waves have ups and downs just like everyone has in life, so it’s important to just ride it out.

3) Flow Ring

If you loved the Journey Ring, then you’ll absolutely adore this Flow Ring.

This lovely piece is made out of thick sterling silver and engraved with the words Treeline Collective inside the band.

4) Flow Bracelet

Last but not least is the charming sterling silver Flow Bracelet.

Whether you pair this bracelet with one of the other pieces from the Wave Collection, or wear it alone, it’s sure to warm you up from the outside in, taking you back to memories of the beach and sunnier days.


Which one of these pieces from the NEW Wave Collection is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!