Designer Spotlight: Black Drop Designs

Black Drop Designs photo jewellery is designed and made in Vancouver, BC by Jade Pellerin.

Jade combines her experience in photography, her work in a silversmith’s studio and a lifetime of making art for herself. She uses her own photography and incorporates it into jewellery that she makes by hand. Her signature pendants and earrings are transparent, which brings the focus to the image. This simplicity throughout the Black Drop line is what makes the pieces so effective. Inspired by her surroundings and travel, Jade works frequently with tree imagery, but she also loves urban architecture and citylines. In order to honour the subject matter that Black Drop celebrates, their goal is to have as small a footprint as possible. Black Drop supports local businesses for labour and supplies, redirects acrylic from the landfill by using off-cuts from their acrylic supplier’s larger jobs whenever possible and also minimizes and reuses packaging at every opportunity. Each piece starts with one of her photographs. Her inspirations are nature and the city and the shapes and silhouettes that they create – and her own ways to find peace and a space for herself within each. Here are a few of our favourite Black Drop Design collections:

1) Drip Earrings

The Drip Earrings come in three different stunning photo variations.

The Drip Cheetah Earrings, Drip Forest Earrings, and Drip Tree Earrings are each handmade with acrylic, resin and a photograph and crafted in Vancouver. They measure 1 1/4 ” tall and hang on sterling silver kidney ear wires. The photographs of the trees were both taken on Vancouver Island, BC.

2) Drop Pendants

The Drop Pendants are available in two different photo variations.

The Drop Forest Pendant and the Drop Garry Pendant are both clear photo pendants handmade in Vancouver, BC with acrylic resin and feature a photograph of trees taken on Vancouver Island, BC. Each one measures 1.5″ wide and 3/16″ thick.

3) Tall Oval Earrings

It’s hard to pick a favourite between the three tall oval earring variations…

The Tall Oval Crow Pole Earrings are mismatched clear photo earrings handmade with acrylic, resin and photographs taken in Vancouver, and also handcrafted in Vancouver. The Tall Oval Forest Earrings and the Tall Oval Tree Earrings are inspired by nature, handcrafted in Vancouver using lucite and sterling silver. Each of the tall oval earrings measures 1 1/2″ tall and hangs on sterling silver kidney ear wires.

4) Classic Pendants

These classic pendants come in three different shapes, each with a different photo.

The Oval Tree Pendant which measures 1 1/2″ tall and 1/4″ thick, the Geo Trees Pendant which measures 1 1/4″ tall and 1/4″ thick, and the Round Forest Pendant. Each one is a clear photo pendant handmade with acrylic, resin and a photograph of trees, handcrafted in Vancouver using lucite and sterling silver.

5) Small Earrings

These adorable small earrings come in three different options…

The Small Birds Earrings, Small Leaf Earrings, and Small Trees Earrings are all inspired by nature, and handcrafted in Vancouver using lucite and sterling silver. Each one measures 3/4″ tall.


This is just a sample of our Black Drop Designs collection but we have even more for you to shop online here!