Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women’s Day, celebrating all the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women from around the globe!

In honour of this special day, we’re highlighting five of our favourite female designers, whose jewellery can be found both in our Whistler store and online:

1) Adrienne Deeks

In case you didn’t already know, our local store is owned and operated by a strong and inspiring woman in Whistler, Adrienne Deeks, who also happens to be a very talented jewellery designer!

Some of her best-sellers include the Inukshuk braceletSnowflake pendant, and the Running In Circles collection.

2) Ayala Bar

With over 25 years of experience, this Israeli artist is internationally celebrated around the world for her stunning and unique jewellery designs!

We are absolutely in love with her newest collection that just arrived – especially the Shell Beach Post Earrings with Shell Beach Pendant, and the Maui Rock Pendant with the Maui Rock Hook Earrings.

3) Justine Brooks

Another Canadian woman from the West Coast, Justine Brooks uses the local flora and fauna as a foundation for  her unique handcrafted designs.

Some of her best-selling designs include the Pinecone Tiny Charm Necklace, Moon and Star Ring, and Cedar Ear Climbers.

4) Mimi & Marge

The female designer behind this brand is named Kenda, who discovered jewellery making in Bali and then named her company after her great aunts, Mimi & Marge.

Some of our favourite pieces include the Kebaikan Wrap Post EarringMini Wing “Y” Drop Necklace, and Antler Ear Cuff.

5) Nancy Dawson

Born in Alert Bay, Northern Vancouver Island, and raised in the “potlatch circle”, Nancy Dawson’s art reflects her sound understanding of Kwaguitl art and culture, and is actively sought by private collectors, museums, and galleries throughout North America.

Her iconic Bear Paw necklace, Silver Cuffs, and First Nations Emotions necklace are all unique treasures that we are proud to showcase in our store and online.


Who is your favourite female jewellery designer? Let us know in the Comments!