A Very Canadian Gift Guide

How would you like to support some of Canada’s finest designers?

Gift one of these gorgeous accessories to a friend (or to yourself) this holiday season! We have a selection of unique items that come from within 10 km of our store, some from just West of us in Vancouver and on the island, others from all over British Columbia, and even more East of us in Toronto and Montréal… Here are just a few of our favourites:

1) Adrienne Deeks

Adrienne is the heart & soul of our store, Ruby Tuesday Accessories, and our fearless leader!


She lives in our beautiful mountain town of Whistler, BC and has an artist studio at the south end where she designs and handcrafts her jewellery collection. Focusing on iconic symbols of BC she has created a line of figures in sterling silver as well as 14K gold plate. In addition to her Figures and Symbols line she also has a series of abstract designs that can be worn both every day and on a classy evening out. You can shop all of her pieces in our Whistler village store and online here.

2) Justine Brooks

This Canadian Jewelry designer is passionate about living on the West coast, and her Justine Brooks collection reflects this energy.


Exploring west coast flora and fauna is the main source of inspiration for her latest designs. You’ll find succulents, fiddleheads, sage, acorns, mountains, and even dandelions at the centre of her pieces. Have a look at some of our favourites here!

3) Little Jems

We love these Little Jems by Vancouver Island artist Leisa Davis.


Her designs are centred around bears and snowflakes, which make especially perfect gifts for this time of year! She has a very nice selection of sterling silver necklaces, earrings, and rings that are each uniquely handmade.

4) Foxy Originals

Foxy Original jewellery is designed and made in The Six… also known as Toronto, Ontario.


Each piece is assembled by hand by a small production team of skilled craftspeople whose true pride and workmanship is evident in the high quality of each creation. All Foxy jewelry is made from lead free pewter and is hand dipped in 14 karat Gold, Silver or Bronze. You can shop the full collection in our Whistler village store or online here.

But wait, there’s more…

Other Canadian designers who are worthy of mentioning here include BauXo, Black Drop Designs, Distribution Silver Art, Fusion Bijoux, Karyn ChopikLaughing SparrowMana Jewellery Design, Matt & Nat, Mimi & Marge, Myka Designs, Nancy Dawson, PursuitsPyrrha, Sporty Jewels, and Valentine Rouge. In fact, almost ALL of the designers that we carry in our store are Canadian!

Who is your favourite Canadian designer? Let us know in the comments!