Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

The season of stagette and bachelorette parties has arrived so we put together a few ideas to help all the ladies shopping for the bride-to-be!

We have gifts to suit all different tastes and budgets so if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list, be sure to check out the rest of our website online here or visit us in our Whistler village store for even more options! No matter which gift you decide on, your bride-to-be will think it’s extra special because she’s getting it from YOU. Either way, here are our top picks for some really cute bride-to-be gifts:

1) Candice Beaded Bracelet

The Candice Beaded Bracelet by BauXo is a cute way to remind your bride-to-be to keep on keeping on.

This stunning and unique red turquoise beaded bracelet has the message “pursue it” attached to it, so that whenever she looks down your bride-to-be will remember her tribe of supporters cheering her on.

2) Double Heart Pendant

Another great choice is this Double Heart Pendant – a classic sterling silver beauty!


These two inter-linking sterling silver hearts symbolize the joining of two people in love. Pair this sweet pendant with any one of our chains that are sold separately here.

3) Journey Ring

This Journey ring from the Summit Collection was handmade by Treeline Collective.

Made in sterling silver and a very unique gift since not one ring is the same. This ring will remind your friend to be mindful and open to the journey and views along the way, without loosing sight of the summit. Our intention should be what we give our attention to. It’s also a great memento if your bachelorette party is taking place somewhere in the mountains, like here in beautiful Whistler, BC!

4) Coast Range Mountain Necklace

Continuing on with the mountain theme, another option is our best-selling Coast Range Mountain necklace.

The mountains hold something special for every one, whether it be the activities we like to do or the serenity they inspire. Here in Whistler we are nestled within the Coast Mountain Range – where we ski, bike, swim and just BE. Gift your bride-to-be with the memories of her trip to the mountains with you by getting her one of these necklaces in either silver, gold or rose gold plate.

5) Darling Travel Jewellery Purse

The Darling Travel Jewellery Purse by Matt & Nat in Berry is a VEGAN must-have!

This small jewelry box from the Vintage Collection has a secure all around zipper closure and extra lining to protect the jewelry. It measures 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5” but there is also the Jule Jewellery Box if you’re looking for a larger option.

6) Anigram Ring Holder

These Anigram Ring Holders are adorable gifts and come in many different animals!

A great little item to have by the sink, by your bed or on your dressing table. This will come in handy for your bride-to-be’s engagement ring and then once she ties the knot so she can also hang her wedding band for safety. Available in 5 different animals: giraffe, reindeer, cat, elephant, and bunny!

If you’re attending a bachelorette or stagette party this season, let us know where you’re headed to in the comments below!