Ayala Bar *NEW* Summer 2018 Collection

New pieces from Ayala Bar’s new Summer 2018 Collection have been arriving daily, and we couldn’t wait to share a quick look at some of our favourite new arrivals so far!

We love how all Ayala Bar jewellery is 100% handcrafted with care by her dedicated team. Each design is also nickel free, lead free and contains no hazardous materials. These gorgeous pieces were created with a mix of unique materials like silver plated brass & metal alloys, glass beads, ceramic stones, crystal rhinestones, and fabrics! The colours blend beautifully together to create stunning designs that will add a bold touch of summer to any look. Here are a few of our favourite new arrivals:

1) Volga

The cool colours of the Volga set by Ayala Bar remind us of summer days spent on the lake.

Ayala Bar Volga

Pair the necklace with either hook earrings or a set of post studs. No matter which combination you choose, the pair will perfectly complement each other. You can shop the hook earrings 1408H, 1407, post earring 1406, and necklace 3430 on our website or in our Whistler village store!

2) Rhine

This stunning Rhine set takes us to the beach with the sandy beige and blue colours.

Ayala Bar Rhine Set

Choose from two unique necklaces, each with a different look, and pair it with the stunning long drop post earrings. The Rhine necklace 3407, 3406 or post earring 1370 is available on our website and in our Whistler store.

3) Como

For an even warmer look, the Como set reminds us of the campfire’s red and orange flames.

Ayala Bar Como Set

Again, choose between two stunning necklaces, and then pair it with either the hook or post earrings. The Como necklace 3421, 3420 , hook earring 1392 or post earring 1393 are available on our website and in our Whistler village shop!

4) Cirrus

The Cirrus set combines cool colours with pops of red and yellow for a spectacular summer feel.

Ayala Bar Cirrus

Here you have three stunning earrings to choose from, two posts and one hook, that you can pair with a gorgeous necklace. The Cirrus necklace 0959, hook earring 0846 or post earrings 0845 and 0847, are all available to shop online or in our Whistler village store.


More new Ayala Bar Summer 2018 Collection is on the way – keep an eye on our website or visit us in the Whistler village to see them as they arrive!