5 Fall Accessories To Be Thankful For This Season

With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, it has gotten us thinking about all of things we are thankful for this season…

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin flavoured drinks, and the evidence of snow starting to dust the mountain tops are all on the list. But what about when it comes to accessories? For this week’s blog we’ve decided to share our top fall accessories that we are so thankful for:

1) Scarves

Not only is this accessory a great way to jazz up any outfit, it’s also really practical!

Scarves will keep you extra warm on these chilly Autumn days while making you look good. Whether you’re looking for an oversized, fringe, knit, patterned, or plain, there’s a scarf to suit any style. Visit us in the Whistler village to shop our selection of cozy and colourful Fall scarves.

2) Umbrellas

When you live in rainforest like we do here in Whistler, owning an umbrella is absolutely key!

Keep yourself dry during this wet, rainy season by carrying around an umbrella. If you’re looking for a new one, we have a few different ones both compact and full-sized from Vancouver Umbrella to choose from in our Whistler village store!

3) Ponchos

These poncho wrap shawls by Salish artist Jason Peter are amazingly soft and stunning.

Throw one of these on over anything you’re wearing to keep yourself a little bit warmer throughout this chilly season. This lovely poncho is available in a variety of colours including red, pink, and grey.

4) Oversized Totes

The best place to store all of your Fall accessories is inside an oversized tote bag!

These new VEGAN totes by Matt & Nat are all so great, it’s going to be tough deciding which one to get. Shop between the LoyalAbbi, or Canci Tote – all available in classic BLACK faux leather. For those looking for a little bit of colour, the Abbi is also available in LEAF!

5) Boots

These boots were made for walking so your feet won’t hurt this Fall season.

Taos delivers an amazing level of support and comfort in all of their footwear styles. For this season, we’re absolutely loving the Crave Urban Boots in Red, Black, or Blue Ink, as well as the Crave Tall Urban Boots in Black. 

What are you thankful for this Canadian Thanksgiving? Let us know in the Comments!