4 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom

Are you searching for a meaningful gift that your mom will love this Mother’s Day?  

Hopefully your search will be over once you’ve seen these unique and inspirational gifts that you can shop online or in our Whistler village store:

1) Stork Talisman by Pyrrha

This handcrafted Stork Talisman by Pyrrha is perfect for Mother’s Day.


The stork is a symbol of the maternal bond and represents devotion to one’s children. All Pyrrha signature talismans are handcrafted using authentic wax impressions and imagery from the Victorian Era. A unique gift that will remind your mom of you whenever she wears it!

2) Penguins by Adrienne Deeks

These Penguin Earrings and Penguin Pendant are another great gift idea for Mom!

Penguin Jewelry

Penguins are known to be social, family orientated creatures that mate for life. They live in large colonies south of the Equator quite often in harsh environments; however, they are very adaptable to various climates. Both parents share in the protection and feeding of their young. Penguins are known to be a symbol for family unity and perseverance. Adrienne Deeks handcrafted these beautiful designs (and many more) in her studio in Whistler, BC – they are true local treasures.

3) Saga Set by Ayala Bar

We love all the new Ayala Bar arrivals, but we think the Saga set is the best fit for any Mom.

Ayala Bar

You can pair the stunning Saga Necklace with either the Post Earrings or the Hook Earrings, depending on what you think your mom would like best.

4) Risi Tote by Matt & Nat

Treat your Mom to a new vegan leather handbag like the Risi Tote by Matt & Nat!

Vegan Tote

This structured tote bag has lovely front panel floral embroidery detail and comes with an crossbody adjustable and removable strap so she can wear it two different ways. The interior features a zipper pocket, smartphone pocket, with 100% recycled nylon lining.


Still undecided on what to gift your Mom? Come in to our Whistler village store or shop the rest of our website to see some other great gifts!