2018: A Year of New Beginnings

The New Year has arrived and with it, the opportunity to REFRESH and start anew. 

Wear one of these accessories to remind yourself to create new beginnings this year:

1) New Beginnings Talisman

Start the New Year with a New Beginnings talisman by Pyrrha.

new beginnings

The crescent moon featured on this talisman symbolizes new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality. Shop the New Beginnings Talisman chain bracelet, 14k New Beginnings Talisman, and New Beginnings Talisman necklace in our Whistler village store and online here.

2) Begin Again Talisman

The Begin Again Talisman necklace by Pyrrha also represents new beginnings.

Begin Again Talisman Necklace

This unique talisman reads ‘Fac Et Spera’ in Latin, meaning ‘Do and Hope’. The hand on the shield holds a daisy, which is symbolic of a constant renewal of hope and energy as it opens its petals anew each day. You can shop this necklace in both our Whistler village store and online here.

3) Reinvent Earrings

Reinvent yourself with these simply stunning earrings by BauXo.

BauXo Reinvent Earrings

We love how these delicate chain threader earrings are feminine and feature stone detailing with a 2″ drop. You can shop them in both our Whistler village store and online here.

4) Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams this 2018 and let them lead you to a better place.

follow your dreams talisman pyrrha

This talisman features an eagle with wings spread, symbolic of the freedom obtained by following your dreams. The rose signifies the passion that is ignited by doing what you were meant to do. This Talisman is available in both the classic silver style and new 14k gold in our Whistler village shop and online here.

How will you REFRESH yourself for 2018? Share your New Year’s Resolutions with us in the comments below!